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Welcome to Coro Vocati!

Coro Vocati is a group of professional singers based in Atlanta, called to create music at the highest level of choral artistry. Coro Vocati serves as a master class for singers and an inspiration for audiences.

On behalf of Coro Vocati, I am delighted to share with you our first CD recording. The theme and music are very personal to us because our recording of "Fern Hill" was the last performance by our beloved collaborative pianist, Amy Foster, who lost her battle with breast cancer in January of 2014.

Eric Barnum's setting of "Sweetheart of the Sun" also reminded us of Amy. In Thomas Hood's poem, the story of Ruth is captured in that one moment when the wealthy Boaz first looks upon her face as she toils in the fields. Like the Sweetheart of the Sun, Amy had the most beautiful smile and a spirit "clasped by the golden light of morn."

We offer this music in memory of Amy - Requiem, aeternam.

-John Dickson